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Whale Trail 2015

We are always on a mission to raise funds for our young miracles!

This time we’re doing something completely different….

I am hiking the Whale Trail – 12 women – 5 days – 55 kms.

Together with 11 other amazing women we are hiking the Whale trail beginning on Wednesday the 5th August and will be hiking for 5 days covering a total distance of 55 kilometres. The trail starting point is at Potberg and meanders through the breathtaking De Hoop Nature Reserve. Descending to the South Eastern coastline – one of the largest Marine Protected Areas in Africa.

Day 1: Potberg to Cupidioskraal = 14.7km
Day 2: Cupidoskraal to Noetsie = 15 km
Day 3: Noetsie to Hamerkop = 8.5km
Day 4: Hamerkop to Vaalkrans = 10.5km
Day 5: Vaalkrans to Koppie Alleen = 7 km

I am so grateful to the friends that I will be sharing this amazing experience with – they have embraced my vision to make this hike into a mission and I am especially grateful to the following companies that have so willingly sponsored this venture:

The Local Choice Pharmacy Ferngate

We take the time to offer personal care to each patient and to make a positive difference to their daily lives.

Our pharmacists are committed to open communication and the nurturing of relationships to the benefit of the individuals’ and the community’s health.

The Local Choice Pharmacy is also a partner of Dis-Chem Pharmacies, which resulted in the expansion of products and services. Therefore, we have a large variety of supplementary products in beauty and self-care.

CDR Contracts (Pty) Ltd

For over 15 years CDR Contracts has been a successful Human Capital Solutions Provider, delivering value driven outcomes for clients and employees in the corporate, engineering, petroleum, mining, building, construction, motor and government industries.

Custodian Wealth

Sam Robson, is in the process of establishing a new company called Custodian Wealth. Custodian Wealth is a boutique financial planning firm that specialises in helping individuals to create wealth.

Mather & Platt

Mather + Platt, is a leading name in the pump manufacturing industry of South Africa and was established here in 1954. The company is able to offer officially manufactured spares, manufacturer warranted repairs, new pumps and valves, as well as the brands associated with the Mather + Platt name presently such as Viking Gear pumps, Vanton chemical pumps, EIM submersible pumps.

Just Funerals

Offering a service to the family of loved ones that have passed away.

Lianne takes care of the completion of all necessary medical and legal documents and details that are required.

She will explain every aspect of every process and cover all options with you

Just funerals works with the most professional funeral directors that offer the highest standard of excellence.

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